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 High quality, beautiful and cost effective precast concrete blocks

Selecting a retaining wall can be a headache.  Customers need high-quality materials at a price point that won’t break the bank. That’s where Southern Precast comes in. Based in Tunnel Hill, GA we are the Tennessee Valley’s source for one of the strongest, most beautiful yet cost-effective blocks on the market today:


What makes Verti-Block so special?  Unlike solid concrete blocks, Verti-Block is designed with a hollow cavity that uses less concrete and while providing a clever, internal drainage system. Lighter blocks mean you don’t need expensive, heavy machinery to transport or place them. Plus, Verti-Block’s unique interlocking design features a male-and-female connection that makes installation a breeze by eliminating placement errors. With its unparalleled strength, Verti-Block can be used for both residential and commercial projects. Our blocks can be stacked up to 14’ feet high when first installed and much higher than that when reinforced with Geo Grid. For retaining walls big and small, Southern Precast is here to be your local provider.

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